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در باره

Reception and Tours

We offer services as Bi Group International for investors who want to invest in Turkey during their trips to Turkey. We support investors with our comprehensive services from the first step that investors will take in Turkey to the moment when the investment will be completed. Do you also want to benefit from all the opportunities by investing in Turkey? Then you should remember that you can also take a step into a process full of privileges with our reception and tour services.


We aim to eliminate many of your concerns, especially language problems, with our airport pick-up services at the first stage of your trip to Turkey. In this context, our interpreters meet you at the airport and accompany you to the hotel where you will stay. The aim here is to complete the investment process more successfully and to get the support the investor needs. After the reception services, our team provides the investor to get to know Turkey with excursions and tours in Istanbul.

City and Investment Information

Investors who want to invest in Turkey are informed about both the city and the investment process. Our team answers the investor’s questions while providing the necessary information on all the issues that the investor is curious about. In this context, the aim is to eliminate the concerns related to the issues that the investor is worried about. In addition to the information, the most remarkable points of Istanbul are also shown to the investor.

Project TourA significant part of foreign investors come to Turkey by choosing the project they will invest in. However, the final decision is taken by making the necessary evaluations in Turkey. In this context, it is ensured that the investor examines the project on the spot and responds to the issues he is curious about. Our team continues to work for investors who want to act with the privileges of Bi Group International to benefit from this entire service process and receive the support they need. You can also contact us to get the necessary support on this issue.

Investing in our projects can give you satisfying returns and can stregthen our relationship.

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