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در باره

Over 19 years of experience

Bi GROUP INTERNATIONAL has crossed paths with tens of thousands of people for 19 years. In this adventure, we mediated thousands of sales with our professional staff and became involved in our lives. From a classic field specialist real estate agency, we have become Turkey’s global real estate brand.

Our team includes appraisers, architects, purchasing specialists, after-sales service, field support, and a robust creative department that has turned the real estate business into a semi-agency that thinks like an advertiser.

Today, in our BI office, headquartered in Ataköy, we work together and produce services with a giant team with different expertise, with whom we share a common vision. We can provide services in the real estate sector, from individual customers, corporate firms, contractors, real estate colleagues, and project developers to investment funds, in sales and after-sales services.

By transforming this knowledge and experience into service,We see our customers as HUMAN, not OPPORTUNITY. We are connecting, not networking.With the strength we get from this inspiration, we continue to provide services with professional staff to save time and cash by producing more qualified brokerage services for our customers.

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